Biyernes, Abril 4, 2014

Tiffany T.T

Nah, I'm just going to rant here because news just broke out that my beloved dearest ultimate bias in Kpop which is none other than Hwang Miyoungie just publicly announced her relationship with 2PM's Nickhun. I'm still shocked, actually. I don't know how to describe specifically my reaction about this. Tiffany has been the center of my fanboyism for years because she's just so amazing. 

Anyways, she's still a human being, and she deserves to be happy too. I, along with the thousands of Tiffany fanboys out there just have to accept this. D: NICKHUN, I MUST SAY YOU'RE ONE LUCKY BASTARD. Try your best to make our Panyang happy. Otherwise, you're dead meat. Just kidding.

End of rant.

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