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A Pink

So I've been back to blogging, now that classes are off and I have four freaking months of vacation (yehey!) so yeah, I have some time to update this blog now. :)

So I've found this girl group APink interesting a few months back when they released their EP, "Secret Garden" with the title track NoNoNo used for promotions. And boy, do they work the aegyo concept well. I can't help but be sucked in into the cuteness that these girls possess. They do it just right: cute, but not overly cute. You know what I mean? Haha. Anyways, in this post I will introduce the lovely girls of APink along with my thoughts about them.

Park Cho Rong

She's the oldest member and leader of A Pink (though she doesn't look like it lol). She's cute and very pretty. I actually think she's one of the prettiest members of APink. :D But then, she's just my second favorite member. She's one of the relatively weaker members when it comes to singing, but her hardworking nature as a leader is a huge score for me :). I just hope that that hardwork will bear fruit in the context of her singing because actually, her voice is just very soft. Too soft. She nicely delivers in soft ballads but often suffers when it comes to upbeat pop songs that requires a much stronger voice. Anyways, I still love her, so I'll still rank her 2nd on my list lol.

Yoon Bo Mi

Oh Bo Mi. The second oldest member but still one of the cutest of the bunch. Sigh. Hahaha. She's the main dancer of A Pink, so yeah she pretty much rock those dance moves in their videos. But she's not only their main dancer, but one of the lead vocalists. Talk about being talented. She's the one who usually sings the catchiest parts of their songs (chorus). But I have a problem sometimes with her voice because it is unstable live. She sounds amazing in all their recorded music, but not so amazing live. One thing that I also noticed is the size of her mouth (lol ok). Nothing really much, just thinking that her mouth is too small (?!), which makes her look weird to me sometimes hahaha. But I still like her, I'll put her 4th on my favorite members list.

Jung Eun Ji ^_^

Aasdfghjkajdvjsfvdfhksghd LET'S JUST SAY I LOVE EUNJI OK? HAHAHA. I think she's the one who pretty much carries her entire group vocally. Well, that's because she's the main vocalist of A Pink. This girl is just amazing. She's pretty. She can act. She's talented. Biases aside, I think she's up there with the "elite" when it comes to best vocals. She did not even auditioned as an idol. Her dream before was to be a vocal trainer. But then, maybe A Cube saw how amazing this girl is so they persuaded her into being an idol. Haha. Thank A Cube for that lol anyways, before I start fanboying all over her section let's just end this with the fact that she's pretty much the whole package to me. She's perfect in my eyes hahaha XD Ok. Eunji. Eunji. EEEEEEUUUUUUNNNNNNJJJJJJJJJIIIIIIIIII ADWFNANFSEJBGHBSJSBFHEDJEHBGJSGDF so don't even ask me what her rank is in my bias list. Lol :)

Son Na Eun

She's tied with Cho Rong for the title of being the prettiest member in my opinion. She's the face of A Pink, no doubt. I think she's also one of the better dancers in A Pink. She's famous for having an "ant waist" and a petite but gorgeous body. She's tied with Ha Young for the least vocals in my opinion. I mean, she has a nice tone actually, but many times it's flat. She struggles in singing her lines. But because she's very pretty, her visuals make up for it. Kpop isn't really known for gorgeous vocals, you know.

Kim Nam Joo

To me, she's the one of the least popular members. Oh poor Nam Joo. In my opinion, she's actually the next behind Eun Ji in terms of vocals, because she is much stable live than Bo Mi. Her dancing is also good, maybe because she had been a student of an arts school before she trained as an idol singer. I think most people just don't notice her because in terms of looks, she's usually at the bottom of the list. It's not because she's ugly, but because the other members are just really pretty. I find her looks OK, though. ^_^ She's 3rd in my bias list by the way. :)

Oh Ha Young

The maknae or the youngest member of A Pink, Ha Young is the one who looks more mature than the other members. The appearance of these girls are very deceiving in determining their ages lol. Unfortunately, she's the one I least like in A Pink. Maybe because she kinda sucks at singing. I find her voice annoying sometimes actually. I'm sorry. :( But she's young. She has a lot of time to grow up and improve those vocal chops. If she's able to that, then we'll see D: As you may have observed now, I'm biased towards the members who are singers. Sorry Ha Young, you're at the bottom for now. In terms of looks, there's no doubt that she's pretty. Actually all of the members are. :D

So there you go! My first post in a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile. Sorry for not updating this blog for too long. Studies first, I believe. Lol. Hope that you'll be able to appreciate A Pink too, just like me. :)

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