Lunes, Marso 19, 2012

Introduction: Blogger

Hello!^^ I'm Paul Gonzaga, 18 years old, and a proud student of University of the Philippines in the Visayas, taking up BS Chemical Engineering. I have a lot of interest, but this blog is mostly to express my thoughts about my one main interest: Kpop music.

I like Kpop. My interest here has started in my high school years, during my fourth year. I'm a second year college student now, so I can say that I have been a fan for almost 3 years now.

First, I must admit that I'm a bit biased to some groups (mostly SMTown artists) but I will make my posts here as objective and unbiased as possible. I will try to review the newest materials that are released in the Kpop world this 2012. I still have a lot of academic work to do, so my next posts will maybe start this summer. Please watch out for my thoughts about Kpop music!

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